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Liu Xiang to compete in Diamond League

2010-04-13 10:56 BJT

A star studded line-up has been announced for the IAAF Diamond League meet in Shanghai next month. It has been confirmed that Olympic gold medalists Liu Xiang and Usain Bolt will compete.

A star studded line-up has been announced for the IAAF Diamond League meet in Shanghai next month. It has been confirmed that Olympic gold medalists Liu Xiang and Usain Bolt will compete. 
A star studded line-up has been announced for the IAAF Diamond League meet in 
Shanghai next month. It has been confirmed that Olympic gold medalists Liu Xiang 
and Usain Bolt will compete.

Liu is coming back after recovering from a foot injury that forced his withdrawal from the Beijing Olympic Games.

Liu says he's very excited that so many world class athletes will fly to China and his hometown of Shanghai to participate in the IAAF Diamond League which starts in Qatar. Both Liu and Bolt will race in the second stop of the 14-meet Diamond League circuit in Shanghai. Liu Xiang's coach says he is optimistic about Liu's recovery from that injured Achilles.

Sun Haiping of Liu Xiang's coach says, "He is recovering better than previously at the moment. Pain still remains, but it is becoming less and less. Along with the weather getting warmer and warmer, his injury may improve as well."