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50 days until World Cup kicks off

2010-04-22 11:36 BJT

Special Report: World Cup 2010 |

Wednesday marked the 50 day countdown to the World Cup in South Africa, with the first game due to get underway in Johannesburg between hosts South Africa and Mexico on the 11th June.

The Cape Town stadium that will host 2010 Soccer World Cup games seen from the old stadium's pavilion in the city of Cape Town, South Africa, Wednesday, April 21, 2010. Chief local organizer Danny Jordaan marked the 50-day countdown to the World Cup Wednesday, saying the tournament was one of South Africa's 'most important defining moments.(AP Photo/Schalk van Zuydam)
The Cape Town stadium that will host 2010 Soccer World Cup games 
seen from the old stadium's pavilion in the city of Cape Town, 
South Africa, Wednesday, April 21, 2010. Chief local organizer 
Danny Jordaan marked the 50-day countdown to the World Cup Wednesday, 
saying the tournament was one of South Africa's 'most important 
defining moments.(AP Photo/Schalk van Zuydam)

It will be the first time the World Cup is held in Africa, and after considerable difficulties getting transport and stadia ready, organisers claim the country is well prepared for the estimated 350,000 travelling supporters.While some critics have argued the large sums of money could have been better spent on helping poorer South Africans achieve a higher living standard, others feel the tournament brings prestige.

Melusi Twala of South Africa fan says, "It getting closer to the World cup and meaning that the will be a lot of achievement for my country other countries around South Africa. And it will bring a lot of opportunities for young people like me and the rest of the world in South Africa."

Msizwana Ntwanamani of South Africa fan says, "I think it (is) going to be the best thing that ever happen to this place, we need it, South Africa needs it, Mzansi (the southern part of Africa) for sure."