A street sets the heartbeat of a city
    Buildings, shops, eateries, people and traffic... A street sets the heartbeat of a city. It opens the door of local life and breathes history into the present. Starting now, now Travelogue takes you to the streets of Beijing, Harbin, Huizhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Kaifeng, Xitang, Yangshuo, Beihai and Pingyao. All aboard the Street Special Express. Travel with Travelogue!
Street Series
•  Kaifeng
    Located in Henan Province at the very heartland of China, Kaifeng is noted for having been the capitals of seven ancient dynasties. The city is loaded with ancient relics and folklores that can seem almost intimidating to first-time visitors. On the other hand, it is also a great interactive classroom for a dose of Chinese history.
•  Nanjing
    In this episode we continue our Street Special here at Nanjing: the literal meaning of the Southern Capital, as opposed to Beijing, the Northern Capital. Let´s wander on the streets of Nanjing. Boasting a prestigious imperial past, serving as inspiration for many poets, the city of Nanjing is the place where you can get really close to history...
•  Yangshuo
    Once content to be the shy little sister of Guilin, only an optional stop-over along the Li River, Yangshuo today has grown up, claiming its own identity as a tiny global village with a bohemian atmosphere, gorgeous natural scenery, exciting outdoor activities, great food, and rowdy nightlife, which naturally attracts more and more like-minded people
•  Xitang
    This is the next stop in street series. However, there aren鈥檛 any real streets in the traditional sense. Instead we have waters, lanes, and ceilinged corridors. Some people may think that Xitang is just a plain, simple water town, but take a closer look and you鈥檒l find something extraordinary.
•  Beihai
    Beihai literally means, 鈥渘orth of the sea鈥-- north of the Beibu Gulf or Gulf of Tonkin. The ocean town is perched on the southern tip of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and its strategic location explains why it served as a key center of trade as early as 2000 years ago.
•  Pingyao
    The beautiful ancient city of Ping Yao is located at the center of Shanxi Province, and looks much the same today as it did during the Ming and Qing dynasties, when it was a bustling economic center of feudal China. "South Street鈥 or "Nan Da Jie" was the main commercial street in Ping Yao.
•  Streets around the Forbidden City
    This is first episode in our Street Special. Sometimes when you walk on the street of a city you feel as if you have come upon one of the keys to the living heart of the place. It´s as if something of the soul of the city has been concentrated along this particular path. In this episode of Street Special we take you to a street that runs along beside the Forbidden City in Beijing.
•  Beijing Shichahai
    Early in the morning, we start the venture into the Shichahai area with Zhou, a newspaper delivery woman. Shichahai area is among the few areas in Beijing where the Hutong alleyways and the courtyard houses are preserved. No matter how small, each family here has a little courtyard, all to its own, or to share with neighbors.
•  Christmas in Harbin
    Old Harbin was designed for 300,000 inhabitants today, the population today spurred to 8millions. It is one of the few Chinese cities started adapting the Paris model in City planning, building modern highrises in the outskirt as the new town leaving the old architectural remains mostly intact.
•  Huizhou Old Streets
    Mainly referring to the hilly terrains at the southern tip of today´s Anhui Province, Huizhou area has long been considered a living museum of Chinese Ming and Qing folk history stretching for over 500 years. For centuries, limited farmland drove local people to go all out for survival, bringing about the legendary success of Hui merchants who dominated Chinese business world up until the 19th century.
•  My Shanghai Streets
    Shanghai skyline has changed drastically from my memory. Now everywhere it reads the engine of Chinese economy and financial powerhouse of East Asia. But between the dizzying traffic, beneath the imposing high-rises, you will still find a critical piece of the Shanghai jigsaw - blocks of old shanghai residences.
•  Shanghai - The Bund
    Shanghai, the largest city in China, attracts people from all around the world like a magnet. People come here for its culture, history, and all the vigor and vitality. It shows in its rush to international metropolis status. Like a dragon wake up from his dream, Shanghai is the showcase of China´s fast growth and a top prize of tourist attractions, business opportunities and cultural activities.
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