Music leads the way
    Love found, love lost, love anticipated, love remembered -- The eternal theme of western folk songs inspired ONE pioneer musician锛學ang Luobin. Guided by the musical notes collected by the adventurous musician Wang Luobin, travelogue chases after the color and tones of china鈥檚 wild wild west-- Xingjian and Qinghai, bringing you the scene and sound of this part of amazing land.
•  Qing Hai
    A Chinese songwriter named Wang Luo Bin wrote a beautiful song called A Place Faraway. That song became so popular for decades, that place is Qing Hai. The Qing Hai province lies on the northeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in west China, bordering Gansu and Sichuan provinces, near by Xinjiang Uygur and Tibet Autonomous Regions.
•  Kuqa and Korla
    Lifting your veil is a folk song. It was first collected by a Chinese Han musician Wang Luobin more than half a century ago. Since then it is known all over china and people all love it, Today we follow the wonderful music to this Xinjiang Kuqa and Korle. Let´s unveil another beauty of China.
•  Yili
    The idea of hitting on the road, gearing towards no-man´s land has to be most modern spiritual nomad´s wildest dream. There is no better place to do that in china other than Xinjiang, Yili to be exact. Azure, mountain and grassland, ever shifting sceneries and occasional accidental encounters leaves little risk for road hypnosis.
•  Daban and Turpan
    Don´t you just love the music, the view, the people - everything about this incredible place - Xinjiang? And you guessed it, it´s another song by Mr. Wang Luobing, a song that almost every Chinese can hum along to its tune - Daban Girls. Welcome to Travelogue, and welcome back to our music journey!
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