Travelogue 2009-12-29 Sanya, Hainan Province

2009-12-29 06:51 BJT


Sanya, an almost perfect beach resort on the southernmost tip of Hainan Island, offers the best relaxation imaginable in China!

Sanya is Hainan island's most famous tropical resort, wonderful in the baking summer months and also a popular spot in winter too. Once home to China's most reviled exiles, Sanya has been transformed from a spot that no one wanted to visit at the "end of the world", to become one of China's most popular, most beautiful and relaxed areas. And Sanya's beaches are the biggest attraction here.

Sanya has some of the most beautiful and well maintained stretches of sand not just in China but in southern Asia. The sand here is white, palm trees provide shelter from the sun and the sea is wonderfully blue and warm. Sanya has a state-level coral reserve.On the seabed 10 meters deep is a wonderful underwater world consisting of corals and shoals of fish.

Sanya is a place where Li and Miao ethenic people dwell,And Hui ethenic people(the only Muslim in Hainan)also inhabit here,thus, featuring colorful ethenic folklores. Like other tourist cities, there are also many popular famous scenic spots and places of historical interest,such as Tian Ya Hai Jiao(the End of the Earth) Tourism Area,Yalong Bay National Resort,Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone,and Luhuitou(Looking-back deea)Park.

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