Travelogue 2010-04-09 History & Culture Series 5 - Three Kingdom Period

2010-04-09 06:40 BJT

Jingzhou is located in the middle of Yangtze in south-central Hubei Province. Jingzhou got a long history and brilliant culture, it is the birthplace of Chu culture and the concentration of one of the three kingdoms cultures.

The Three Kingdoms, Wei, Shu and Wu to seize Jingzhou, Guan Gong lost Jingzhou,and many stories, but also it left a large number of the three kingdoms sites.The earlier Jingzhou city was contructed in the Zhou Daynasty over 3000years ago and it the ancitent city wall was build by Guangong 1700years ago. And It was fixed during the Ming and Qing Daynasty. This is one of China''s only city walls that stand on the regional earth base with a longeest history among all the city walls in China antient times.

 And speaking the food, even the food relay to the Three Kingdom. The three Kingdom area is so rich and natural resources. There are also some treasures in Jingzhou museum and they represent the ancient Chu culture in the Yangze River area.

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