Travelogue 2010-04-10 History & Culture Series 6 - Sui Dynasty

2010-04-10 07:11 BJT

Yangzhou is a famous ancient city with rich culture and time-honored history of 2500 years. Along the Yangtze River Delta, it is one of the 24 cultural and historical cities first to be recognized by the State Council as important in regard to tourism and openness.

The oldest section of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal of Sui dynasty is here, many famous people’s residences, cemeteries, famous temples and architectures, famous heritages and sites are all could be found here. The endless culture charm and historical attractions draw a lot of learners and culture-lovers came here to have a dialogue with history and past.

The West Lake of Hangzhou gives people the feeling of elegance, while the Slender West Lake of Yangzhou is the gem of Yangzhou and brings a lot of loveliness and vigor to this old but young city. The traditional style and layout of the scenic area will bring you back to those enchanting times. The temporary palaces for many emperors also could give you the feeling of magnificence and grandness. This is city with the mixture of elegance and greatness.

The characteristic traditional arts and crafts such as Jade carvings, embroidery, lacquer-works have more than 2000 years history.

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