Travelogue 2010-04-20 History & Culture Series 11 - Yuan Dynasty

2010-04-20 06:34 BJT

Ordos city has rich tourism resources with vivid characteristics of region nationalities. Currently, there are five key cultural relics under the state-level protection across the city.

Taking the Tomb of Genghis Khan as its core, the sacrifice culture of Mongolian in Ordos is full of mystery. Since Ordos used to be the royal feud in Yuan Dynasty, its cultures related to songs and dancing, fashion, foods have all inherited the royal culture of Yuan Dynasty, forming the rich and special nationality culture as well as immensity of folk customs of Ordos.

The Yuan Dynasty, which lasted from 1279-1368 A.D., was the first of only two times that the entire area of China was ruled by foreigners, in this case, the Mongols. During the Yuan Dynasty, China was part of the Mongol Empire. Genghis Khan led the Mongols in their defeat of much of China, however, it was his grandson, Kublai Khan who became the emperor and founder of the Yuan dynasty. The Mongols were able to conquer China due to their superior military capabilities.

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