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Travelblog: Singapore
    Part Four:

Tropical Island fireworks, gotta shape like coconut trees.In a nutshell, Singapore knows how to throw a New Year Party!
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•  Tuesday in February
Start from Feb. 14, Travelogue bring you a three-part program in Southeast Guizhou.
Watch it here: Quanzhou on Feb. 24
    Quanzhou is my destiny on this trip. It is located in the very south of China in Fujian province. Quanzhou is famous for making the incredible puppy doll and holding a large parade at Lantern Festival.
Read it here: Quanzhou on Feb. 24
•  Motorcycles and scooters are quite popular in south part of China. It gives you a closer look at the local lifestyle. Welcome to Travelogue, welcome to Quan Zhou. On the street of Quan Zhou there are about 500,000 of this type of scooters.
On Tuesday (Feb. 21)
•  Southeastern Guizhou II
    Guizhou is a land in southwestern China filled with mystery and wonder. Jiuzhou is an old gray town with a faded glorious history in Guizhou Province. Jiuzhou sits in Huangping county, two hours´ drive north of Kaili, the capital of Southeastern Guizhou.
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