Source: CCTV.com

12-28-2005 14:16

I am a Malaysian and I watch CCTV 9 frequently and regularly.

I like the feature programs and news as it is a window to the world of what is happening in and around China.

As CCTV 9 International is young, compared with CNN, BBC, CNBC or DWTV, you have done reasonably well.

Your recent re-launch on Sept 26 has made it refreshingly livelier and very much welcomed, but I am certain you could do much more - CCTV 9 needs to continuously innovate, re-invent, enhance and refine its image to excel the best there is out there to be THE channel of choice.

Some of my views on CCTV 9, your current news and program line up, presenters/hosts, presentation, delivery and contents are as follows :

1. Presenters/hosts must,

- be dynamic, speak fluent English, clearly, confidently and with the right note /

tone. NO stammering.

- have a good posture, look pleasant and presentable, well groomed and made up,

immaculately attired.

Take a look at CNN, BBC, CNBC, DWTV - they have some very powerful presenters/hosts with

excellent presentation and delivery skills.

2. Programs should be digitally transmitted in HD (if not already the case) to give clear,

crisp, sharp and vibrant image, color and sound.

3. Should also feature a variety of programs on other countries around the world on,

- politics & history,

- people, culture & civilization,

- travel & holidays, places of interest,

- food and cuisine,

- science and technology,

- international business news (like CNBC) and,

- Sports

- other interesting programs.

4. Should have regular and exclusive updates on breaking news on international events and

happenings like,

- Sept 11 Twin tower attack in USA,

- Tsunami and Katrina tragedy,

- Kuwaiti/Iraqi/Afghan invasion,

Perhaps CCTV 9 could select and incorporate the best and most outstanding characteristics / features of established News Networks like CNN, BBC, CNBC, DWTV.

I hope this feed back reaches you, and you would give this some serious thought.

Thank you.