------Leu Tiger    Monday, January 09, 2006 4:15 AM


03-10-2006 11:27

Dear World Insight,

As overseas Chinese who have been living abroad for many years, my families and many friends are all fans of World Insight.

We enjoyed the show on January 8th 2006 particularly, about the then Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai. January 8th is an unforgettable day for every Chinese. Thanks for CCTV and especially for the editor Liu Yue bringing an impressive 10-minute program that shows Zhou Enlai's shining image as a great politician and diplomat. Zhou's whole life is a book and a huge history documentary. Good for editor Liu Yue being able to show the viewers so much information within 10 minutes with laconic words, vivid pictures, appropriate editing and voice over. It shows that the editor collected abundant information and was able to master a large theme.

It also shows that World Insight has many talented people.

I hope CCTV can produce more good programs like World Insight!

Thanks again to the members of the World Insight team!