US envoy praises Pakistan's military progress made in Swat

2009-08-20 08:58 BJT

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The US special envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan has praised Pakistan's military offensive against the Taliban, saying progress has been made.

He also pledged to help the country tackle the energy crisis, for the long-term stability in Pakistan.

Washington has long wanted Pakistan to crack down on militants in their strongholds along the border with Afghanistan. The Taliban are believed to shelter al-Qaida leaders and help plan attacks on US troops across the border.

At a news conference in Karachi, the US envoy praised military progress made in Swat, Buner and surrounding areas.

Richard Holbrooke, US Special ENVOY to Pakistan and Afghanistan, said, "And we are absolutely pleased at the success of the Pakistani army has had in Swat and Buner and elsewhere in recent weeks and we are deeply impressed with the return of so many refugees so quickly. Nobody expected two months ago that so many refugees would go home so quickly. So we will continue to make efforts to succeed in Afghanistan."