Heat wave hits France, UK and Italy

2009-08-20 09:35 BJT

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In Europe, warnings are being issued as southern France is hit by a heat wave, Londoners bask in the warmth of a summer day, while very high temperatures test locals and their pet dogs in Rome.

In 2003, nearly 15-thousand people died in France during extreme temperatures over a period of two weeks. That year in Lyon, temperatures rose to 43°Celsius.

This time, temperatures reached 39 Celsius.

An "orange warning" was issued by the local government asking people to drink water, stay in cool places and bathe regularly.

Local residents seem to know how to cope with the heat.

DIANE dUMOND, local Resident, said, "I don't come out to much in the center, I close all my shutters at home, I drink lots and spray myself with water and stay in the shade."

In London, things are quite difference.

Temperatures reached 30 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, one of the hottest days in the capital this summer.

The sudden burst of late-summer sun was welcomed by busy Londoners.

Jack, Hyde Park Life Guard, said, "This is sort of first day in ages when it's been 30 degrees. It's definitely going to be 30 degrees. It's probably been the best day so far this year."