Ozawa's return to DPJ triggers concerns

2009-09-05 11:45 BJT

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The former leader of Japan's new ruling party, Ichiro Ozawa, has accepted the post of Secretary-General of the Democratic Party of Japan. This move is raising concerns among the public that incoming prime minister Yukio Hatoyama may have created a rival power center that could muddle policymaking.

Ichiro Ozawa assumes the post of secretary-general of the DPJ ... just months after resigning as the party's president in a fundraising scandal.

Ozawa was the DPJ's chief campaign strategist and was a big part of the party's historic victory over the long-ruling LDP in last Sunday's election.

On Thursday, Hatoyama again denied he would be sharing power with Ozawa, saying the former leader would not be involved in policymaking.

But newspapers speculate Ozawa would act as the power behind the throne. Some voters were concerned whether Hatoyama will be able to carry out his own intentions.

With Ozawa's role decided, attention turned to the cabinet Hatoyama will form.

Hatoyama said he would announce his cabinet shortly after taking office September 16th, emphasizing he would choose members himself.