Social life back to normal in Urumqi

2009-09-06 09:46 BJT

Special Report: 7.5 Xinjiang Urumqi Riots |

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Normal life has returned to northwest China's Urumqi city after the disruption of recent syringe attacks, followed by protests and traffic control. Four suspects have been prosecuted.

In Hongshanhuandao, one of the city's busiest areas, traffic controls have been lifted. Public transportation has been back in operation since this morning.

This bus driver says he started work again today, and has already picked up a lot of passengers. He says the traffic controls that were imposed earlier were "understandable."

This couple had planned to collect their pre-wedding photos. But because of the traffic controls they were forced to wait.

Urumqi Resident, said, "We are not going to postpone our marriage. I think the government will return calm after the incident. Our life is somewhat affected, but it's just temporary. Things will get better."

This supermarket in Nanhu road is busy again with quite a few shoppers, even though it is early in the day.

This bank is set for a busy day. In less than an hour since opening, it had served 40 customers.

The local authorities said Saturday that four suspects have been prosecuted for endangering public security.

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