Japanese town suspends killing dolphins

2009-09-11 09:05 BJT

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The Japanese town chronicled in the award-winning film "The Cove", has suspended its dolphin hunt, at least for this week's catch.

The decision was made partly in response to the international outcry created by "The Cove."

The western Japanese town of Taiji will sell some of the dolphins it caught to aquariums as it does every year.

The 100 remaining bottle-nose dolphins that were caught early on Wednesday in the first catch of the season will be released.

In the past, they were killed for their meat which was later sold. Tai-ji kills about 2-thousand dolphins a year.

It was unclear whether the town would stop killing dolphins.

An official at the Taiji fisheries association said residents wanted to avoid trouble, but did not want to cave in to activists and give up what they see as a tradition.