Flood waters begin to recede in Turkey

2009-09-14 10:26 BJT

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Residents that were evacuated from a flooded town in northwestern Turkey returned to their homes on Sunday. As flood waters from the heaviest rains in 80 years begin to recede, a scene of devastation faces survivors.

Residents are returning as flood waters ebb in Kumbag, a town in Tekirdag Province.

But rescue workers continue to evacuate a small group of workers left behind at the factories near the town.

Earlier, flash floods forced the evacuation by helicopter of about 200 workers at a tile and brick factory.

Flooding had swamped local homes and shops. Returning residents still seem dazed by the disaster.

Muazzez Ozyurt, Flood Victim, said, "I asked my neighbor what was going on, and he told me that the floods were coming. I ran into the house, but suddenly water poured in. We are very afraid."

Muazzez Ozyurt, Flood Victim, said, "When I came here, there was three meters of water. We have never experienced something like this. We are very afraid. We care more about the people than our belongings."

Heavy rains also triggered flooding in the suburbs of Istanbul, inundating dozens of homes.

The flash floods unleashed by the torrential rains have killed at least 31 people in Turkey since Monday. Nine others are still missing.

Editor: Zhang Pengfei | Source: CCTV.com