CCTV interview: China-Japan relations & Japan-US alliance

2009-09-17 08:54 BJT

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Earlier, we spoke with Professor Yang Bojiang, a Japan scholar based in Beijing.

He shared his views on the prospect of China-Japan relations and the Japan-US alliance.

Q1. Japan's new Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama says once elected, he will not visit the Yasukuni Shrine. We also know his father and grandfathers, while serving as former Japanese leaders, both had close ties with China. And his wife was actually born in Shanghai. So will these help shape his attitude and foreign policies toward China?

Q2. During his campaign, Hatoyama said he wanted to move away from US dependency to a more equal alliance. But in his post-election phone conversation with US president Obama, he said close ties with Washington is the foundation of Japan's diplomacy. So what changes will Hatoyama bring to this relationship?

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