Colombians turn to street art in recession

2009-09-21 18:56 BJT

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The global financial crisis has impacted employment and workers around the world, with Colombia being especially hard hit. But the downturn has added some unexpected color to the streets of Bogota. Scores of people who lost their jobs are turning to street performances for a living.

In Bogota, red lights often signal the start of a circus.

Each day, jugglers, comedic dancers and acrobats put on their costumes and take to the streets.

Through their smiles, the street performers are trying to convince drivers to hand over a tip.

In Colombia, art and economic crisis live hand-in-hand.

Street performer Fancisco Arciniegas said, "This is my country but unfortunately there is no way to live in dignity whatever your salary is. "

The statue man works 6 days a week. He makes 300 US dollars a month, about 80 dollars more than the minimum monthly wage in Colombia.

This man may not look like a math professor but he is.

He decided to become a juggler after he lost his job five months ago.

Juggler Angel Rubiano said, "We keep working. As you see we are all in the mood to work, make some money and improve this art, despite the fact that the country is in crisis. We don't want to be part of the crisis and we are working here to make you laugh and fill you with emotions and sensations."