2009 Military Parade: Achievements of China's military reforms

2009-10-01 09:30 BJT

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This year's parade will involve 56 formations and air echelons symbolizing unity among the country's 56 ethnic groups. And 52 types of new weaponry developed with China's own technologies will be showcased, 90% of them are shown for the first time. Domestically developed J-10 fighter plane is expected to make its debut.  Female fighter pilots and special forces units will appear for the first time.  The troops will don the 2007 military uniform, expected to highlight their morale and spirit. So this will be a fascinating parade not to be missed for military fans as well as ordinary people. 

That was a quick look at the features of most recent major military parades held on Tian'anmen Square, including the one to begin in an hour’s time.  

Editor: James | Source: CCTV.com