Chinese Vice President Xi visits China Cultural Center in Berlin

2009-10-12 09:10 BJT

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Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping is continuing his visit to Germany. He made a stop at the China Cultural Center in Berlin, highlighting the importance of soft power, by exporting Chinese culture overseas.

This cultural center serves as a window for Germans, who want to get a better understanding of Chinese culture. In the past year, it has hosted exhibitions with themes ranging from Chinese history and medicine to Tibet's past and present. Xi Jinping hopes his visit will emphasize, that the Chinese government values the role of cultural exchanges.

Xi Jinping noted that China should use cultural platforms to introduce its rich civilization to Europeans. He said cultural understanding is key to building trust between people from different nations.

Xi Jinping praised an art gallery celebrating the 60th anniversary of New China, a dancing and a Chinese language class. Later he visited the China-Germany literature forum, where he talked to leading German experts on China. He called their literary works and translations an inspiration to people, that provided better cultural understanding.

Later in the day, the Chinese vice president was briefed with the Cairo Declaration and the Potsdam declaration during the world's struggle against fascisim. The two documents defined the terms of the Japanese surrender in World War Two, including Taiwan's return to China.