Maldives calls for a carbon neutral future

2009-11-10 14:43 BJT

Special Report: UN climate change conference in Copenhagen |


The President of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, has made a passionate plea to fellow developing countries to embrace a carbon neutral future.

Nasheed made the address at the 'Climate Vulnerable Forum", held on the Maldivian resort island of Bandos.

Maldivian organizers say the aim of the gathering is to amplify the voices of vulnerable, poor nations, who are often unheard during international negotiations.

Mohamed Nasheed, President of Maldives, said, "We gather in this hall today as some of the most climate-vulnerable nations on earth. We are vulnerable because climate change threatens to hit us first, and hit us hardest. And we are vulnerable because we have modest means with which to protect ourselves from the coming disaster,"

The "Climate Vulnerable Forum" has attracted delegates from all over Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.

The Maldivian president said the Copenhagen climate summit needs to address the situation seriously.

Mohamed Nasheed, President of Maldives, said, "It is easy to assume that it can be solved by a messy political compromise between powerful states. But the fact of the matter is, we cannot negotiate with the laws of physics. We cannot cut a deal with mother nature,"

Nasheed called on developing countries to break away from carbon-based growth and embrace green technology.

Organizers say they hope the forum will bring greater attention to developing countries at the upcoming Copenhagen conference.

The Maldives has set an ambitious goal to become the world's first carbon neutral nation.

The plan includes proposals to switch production from oil to renewable energy.


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