Realist oil paintings auctioned off

2009-11-11 19:23 BJT


The late painter Chen Yifei's work titled "Flute Player" fetched nearly 32.5 million yuan, or about 4.7 million US dollars, at the Hanhai Autumn Auction at the Kerry Center in Beijing. It brought in the highest price among the Chinese oil paintings offered at the fair.

Works by other artists representing Chinese realistic oil painting, featuring Chen as the leading artist, were also showcased at the auction.

Chinese realist oil paintings made a big showing at the Hanhai Autumn Auction Fair. The artists combine western oil painting techniques, and delicate Chinese brush painting tradition.

Highlights include Light in Heaven, a photographic style painting, striking viewers with its three dimensional feel. It's the latest work of painter Leng Jun, from Hubei Province.

Dress Up, a representative work of Chinese realism, attracts viewers with its lively portrayal of the characters within and its use of bright colors.

Ai Xuan, artist, said, "Realist oil paintings are demanding in every aspect, the portrayal should be lively, it should have a feeling of space, it should be superb in perspective, rhythm and color."

Though they feature western oil techniques mixed with traditional Chinese painting tradition, the Chinese realist paintings are very much in accordance with the tastes of Chinese people.

Wind attracts attention by contrasting a lady lying motionless on a bed, with the curtain moving in the wind. The strong contrast of white, black and red hues on the canvas, exudes a strong feeling of China.

Wang Yidong, artist, said, "Colors used in Chinese new year paintings, or colors preferred by Chinese people, can be widely seen in these peoples. These are fine visual elements from China."

There is also a piece portraying a scene familiar to Chinese urban dweller. Group Images - 2009 Beijing shows people waiting at a bus station. Experts say, Chinese realistic oil painting has evolved from western techniques into something with its own characteristics.

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