Expert discusses Obama's China visit

2009-11-13 09:11 BJT

Special Report: US President Barack Obama Visits China |

With US president Barack Obama's visit taking the spotlight, CCTV spoke exclusively with Professor Sun Zhe, from the Center for US-China Relations of Tsinghua University, about possible key topics leaders might discuss during their meetings.

Professor Sun Zhe, from the Center for US-China Relations of Tsinghua University
Professor Sun Zhe, from the Center for US-China Relations of 
Tsinghua University

The interview was held during Professor Sun's business trip to Washington DC. Sun says it's likely Obama will exchange ideas with his Chinese counterpart on bilateral, regional and global issues. Climate change and cooperation on economic development will also be key topics. Sun also points out since visits by high-level officials of the two countries have been infrequent, any agreements reached will be further developed and implemented during Obama's visit.

Professor Sun Zhe, US-China Relations Expert,said, "No matter what, currently both China and the US are emphasizing cooperation and a win-win situation, and this will set a basic point for US-China relations during Obama's presidency."