China: Snow storms move southern

2009-11-16 14:35 BJT

Parts of southern China are now suffering low temperatures and snow, while almost all of northwestern China can expect continuing low temperatures and gales. Local governments are taking practical measures to cope with the cold weather and heavy snow.

Heavy snow swept across northern Hubei province on Sunday.

Xiangfan, Shiyan, Danjiang Kou and other parts of the province are suffering the most. Wuhan, Huangshi and Xianning and other cities are also expecting their first snow of the year during the night.

It is forecast that heavy snow will also start to fall in Hunan, Anhui, Jiangsu and other southern and eastern provinces overnight.

Meanwhile, parts of northwestern China, including Gansu and Shaanxi, are suffering a new round of snow storms, with temperatures in some areas dropping sharply by 20 degrees Celsius.

Parts of southern China are now suffering low temperatures and snow, while almost all of northwestern China can expect continuing low temperatures and gales.
Parts of southern China are now suffering low temperatures and snow, 
while almost all of northwestern China can expect continuing low 
temperatures and gales.