Interview: Correspondent Yang Fuqing from Washington D.C.

2009-11-17 19:59 BJT

Special Report: US President Barack Obama Visits China |


Q1. US President Obama's visit must be followed closely in the US. How is his visit being interpreted there?

A: Yes, indeed. People in the US are following President Obama's first official visit to China with keen interest. This has been demonstrated by the extensive coverage of Obama's trip to China by the American mainstream media. This shows the two countries will focus more on what they can do together and to avoid public disagreements on their differences.

Q2. Looking ahead, what impact will US President Obama's visit have on the way Americans think about China-US relations in general?

A: Through President Obama's visit, he has shown Americans that China can be a partner rather than an economic threat and the two countries can work together to meet common challenges. In that regard, two members of Obama's foreign policy team say the United States' interactions with China had been far too narrow in past years, focusing on counter-terrorism and the DPRK nuclear issue, meaning the two countries should expand and deepen cooperation in new areas.

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