Iran launches air defense exercises

2009-11-23 09:13 BJT

Iran's armed forces launched a large-scale air defense exercise on Sunday. Media reports, say it's designed to demonstrate the country's ability to protect its domestic nuclear facilities.

The exercise will last for five days. Iran's Brigadier General Ahmad Mighani, says the active region covers about 60 million square kilometers across the country. Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards and military forces have joined the exercise.

The United States and other western countries fear that Tehran's nuclear program is aimed at producing nuclear weapons. Tehran insists the program is for peaceful purposes. Despite recent talks, Iran and the international community are not anywhere closer to resolving the issue.

An image grab taken from Iran's satellite English-language Press TV station shows air-defense forces during an exercise on Sunday.(Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

An image grab taken from Iran's satellite English-language Press TV station
shows air-defense forces during an exercise on Sunday.(Agence France-Presse/
Getty Images)

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