Zelaya refuses to recognise Honduras vote

2009-11-30 09:04 BJT

In Honduras, where the country's general elections are in full-swing. Voting centers are expected to be closed in one hour (0100 GMT). This is the first vote following a military-backed coup which ousted then President Manuel Zelaya in June.

Zelaya, has dismissed the country's presidential election as an "electoral farce". Speaking from the Brazilian embassy in the Honduran capital of Tegu-ci-gal-pa, he criticized the United States for supporting the vote. He urged for an election boycott hoping low voter turnout would discredit the vote.

Manuel Zelaya said, "I will not accept reinstatement because it would just validate the coup and the electoral farce. It would be to lose my dignity and honor, which is all I have left in this life, and I am not going to lose it to a Congress that conspired against me. Congress has no power to either overthrow or reinstate a president."



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