Climate change threatens coral reefs

2009-12-15 09:01 BJT

Special Report: UN climate change conference in Copenhagen |

Conservationists have released a document at the UN Climate Change Conference. They are calling for deep and immediate carbon emissions cuts to stall ocean acidification, prevent mass extinction of marine species, and avoid food insecurity.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature, released the the document Monday. It warns of grave threats from climate change. Coral reefs are some of the most fragile of the planet's marine ecosystems. A group of nations in southeast Asia and the Pacific have formed the Coral Triangle, a protected area of reefs, in a major preservation effort. A marine project leader with the Nature Conservancy, says the countries involved in the Coral Triangle project are under severe threat from global warming.

Marthen Welly, Leader of TNC Indonesia Marine Project, said, "With the effects of climate change, where the ice is melting and the sea surface temperature is increasing, these islands are under threat. Good natural protection is needed for these islands, and the coral reef is one of the best provided by nature. Aside from that, the coral reef is the source of food for people who live around coastal areas. There are 120 million people who depend on these coral reefs."

The countries involved in the Coral Triangle project are under severe threat from global warming.
The countries involved in the Coral Triangle project are under severe 
threat from global warming.

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