Profile: Chief Executive-elect of Macao SAR: Chui Sai-on

2009-12-20 16:55 BJT

Special Report: Macao 10 Years On |

Chui Sai-On was born in Macao in 1957.

After completing his secondary education in Macao, he went to the United States and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a doctorate in public health.

In 1983, Chui returned to Macao and played an active role in various community organizations.

From 1992 to 1996, he served as an lawmaker on the 5th Legislative Assembly.

Since the Macao Special Administrative Region was established in 1999, Chui has twice been appointed Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture.

During his terms in office, the S-A-R's Historical Area was included on the UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage List.

In May 2009, the 52-year-old resigned from his post to run for the top job in the S-A-R.

On July 26th, he was declared the winner of the third-term chief executive election of Macao.

On August 10th, Chui Sai-On was officially appointed Chief Executive-elect of Macao by the central government.

He will be sworn in to office on December 20th and begin his five-year term when Ho Hau-Wah's second consecutive term ends.

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