HK, Taipei celebrate New Year

2010-01-01 08:14 BJT

People in Hong Kong and Taipei are also celebrating the New Year. Thousands of people crowded onto Hong Kong's waterfront to see in 2010 which was ushered in with a trademark firework display.

Thousands of people crowded onto Hong Kong's waterfront to see in 2010 which was ushered in with a trademark firework display. 
Thousands of people crowded onto Hong Kong's waterfront to see in 2010 which
was ushered in with a trademark firework display.

Several of the city's skyscrapers sprouted plumes of colored flame and smoke after a mass countdown to midnight. Tens of thousands gathered in front of Taipei City Hall to welcome the new year with concerts and fireworks around the landmark Taipei 101 building. The fireworks lasted 188 seconds, comprising 220,000 shots and costing approximately one million U.S. dollars.