Chinese mainland celebrates New Year

2010-01-02 09:53 BJT


People across China celebrated the first day of 2010 with a variety of unique events. Despite some freezing temperatures, party goers came out in force to usher in the New Year.

Hundreds of people in Shanghai were up at the early hours of the morning at the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. They took part in a race up the stairs of the 263-meter high landmark, calling it a warm-up for the Shanghai World Expo.

A winner said, "We want to show the world, the Chinese people's active attitude towards life through the Shanghai World Expo."

The first Temple Fair of 2010 were held on Tianjin's Ancient Culture Street. Folk craft works and traditional snacks made the holiday quite interesting.

Argentinean tourist said, "Happy New Year! It's so much fun here, and can't be seen elsewhere."

In North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, herdsmen held a camel race. They rode through the snowy grassland, where temperatures were hovering around minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Other people got a little creative to celebrate the new year, including a dragon boat race on ice and taking a dip in freezing water.

"We do this to keep fit and increase his tolerance for hardship." said Mr. Teng, Nanning resident.

Son of Mr. Teng said, "I'll come back."

In Sichuan's Guangyuan city, a quake-hit area, residents held a flag-raising ceremony, and a long-race to welcome the new year.

"With the concern of the whole country, we have recovered from the disaster. We'll rebuild our homes with our own hands." Guangyuan resident told us.

In one community hit by the quake, thousands of residents participated in their own shows. They have just moved into their new apartments, and chose to spend the holiday together.

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