Exploring 3D technology: From cinema to home

2010-01-06 18:58 BJT


As more "3D" films hit theatres, the next phase of advanced techniques will be geared towards home devices like televisions and personal computers. By the middle of this year, it will be possible to tap into this amazing technology.

From the visual feast of Avatar to Tim Burton's adventure -- Alice in Wonderland... This ( audience wearing 3D glasses) will become an increasingly common sight in cinemas all over the world.

With a special pair of 3D glasses, moviegoers will experience more thrills than they ever did before.

Moviegoer said, "It almost makes it more of an interactive process when you are being entertained by the film. It captivates you more. It brings you more into the story. There is more entertainment value in a 3D film because of the level of stimulation that is not provided by standard film. "

But that thrill is about to come from home.

XpanD, a Los Angeles based company, is currently the only creator of active/shutter 3D glasses for theaters in the US. This year, it is about to launch state-of-art permanent glasses for home use. That means with a TV, or computer installed with the right program, people can enjoy a 3D ride without leaving their homes.