Europe: Severe winter weather continues making life difficult for people

2010-01-09 10:34 BJT

Special Report: Heavy Snow Hits Europe, US |

Severe winter weather continues making life difficult for people across large parts of Europe. The cold temperatures and snow are causing problems on roads and at airports, knocking out electricity and closing schools. Eurostar passengers in Paris are facing further delays.

Britain is experiencing its longest cold snap since 1981. Temperatures dipped to minus 21 degrees Celsius overnight, after some of the heaviest snowfall in decades. Road, rail and air travellers face delays.

Severe winter weather continues making life difficult for people across large parts of Europe.
Severe winter weather continues making 
life difficult for people across large 
parts of Europe.

Due to the bad weather in England, Eurostar was forced on Friday to cut its service to London by half.

Temperatures in some areas of France fell to minus 15 with severe weather warnings in many areas of the country and more snow forecast in Paris.

Thick snow continued to fall in Moscow, causing traffic jams and delays throughout much of the city. The snow fall could set a record as the biggest in a century. Tens of thousands of snow ploughs and trucks were at work clearing the streets.

Cold weather is also affecting eastern Poland, where the military was forced to help out for a third straight day.

Sub-zero temperatures continue to grip Germany, with no reprieve in sight as more snow is expected in the next two days.

Europe's low temperatures are set to continue through the weekend.

But in southern Spain, heavy rain is causing problems.