Iran criticizes US deployment in Gulf

2010-02-03 08:16 BJT

Iran says that the strengthening of US anti missile systems in 4 Arab countries in the Persian Gulf, is aimed at sowing regional divisions. Tehran said its neighbors should not be drawn into believing claims that Iran poses a threat to the region.

A US Navy Ocean Tug ship and a helicopter of the Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet participate in a crisis response exercise in a port in the capital Manama, in 2007. Parliament speaker Ali Larijani has slammed plans by the US to beef up defences in the Gulf against potential Iranian missile attacks, insisting the Islamic republic is no threat to its neighbours. (AFP/File/Adam Jan) 
A US Navy Ocean Tug ship and a helicopter of the 
Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet participate in a crisis
response exercise in a port in the capital Manama,
in 2007. Parliament speaker Ali Larijani has slammed
plans by the US to beef up defences in the Gulf
against potential Iranian missile attacks, insisting
the Islamic republic is no threat to its neighbours.
(AFP/File/Adam Jan)

Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani criticized the US arms deployment in Persian Gulf countries as the main problem of the region.

Iranian Parliament speaker Ali Larijani said, "Countries in the region should know that this puppet show by the US, while claiming to create security in the region, is nothing except a new political ploy."