Iran's best-selling pop band

2010-02-08 10:16 BJT


Pop music and concerts are enjoying more freedom in Iran than ever before, as more entertainment licenses and permits are issued by the authorities.

Arian, one of Iran's most famous bands, broke the mould when they put three women on stage along with male band members.

A blending of folk and pop music, Arian have become one of Iran's most successful cultural exports.

The band recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of their first concert.

The group is composed of nine members, including three female vocalists, a rarity in Iran.

Arian, one of Iran's most famous bands, broke the mould when they put three women on stage along with male band members.
Arian, one of Iran's most famous bands, broke the mould when they put three women
on stage along with male band members.

Ali Pahlavan, lead singer of Arian, said, "Arian has the record of the best seller Iranian pop album ever. It's the only Iranian band registered in international 'Who is Who' in popular music. It's the only Iranian band nominated for an international music award."

It was the first time since Iran's Islamic Revolution of 1979 that women were permitted to perform as singers in a pop band.

Sharareh Farnejad is guitarist and back vocalist. "Arian was the first Iranian band comprised of both boys and girls. At the beginning, despite the fact that many revolutionary anthems were sung by male and female singers, in pop music it seemed to be shocking. However, these days people and authorities are used to it." said Sharareh Farnejad.

The main theme of Arian's lyrics is romance, peace, friendship and sympathy for the underprivileged of the world.

They have released four albums so far and hold the record for the best selling pop album ever in Iran with their album 'Till Eternity"

Arian have played more than 400 concerts all over the world.

Arian, one of Iran's most famous bands, broke the mould when they put three women on stage along with male band members.
Sharareh Farnejad is guitarist and back vocalist in Arian Band

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