Iran says fuel swap still possible

2010-02-11 09:45 BJT


A day after Iran began enriching uranium to a 20 percent level, the head of the country's nuclear energy agency says a fuel swap with other countries, proposed under a plan drafted by the UN, remains an option.

Ali Akbar Salehi, Head of Iranian Atomic Energy Agency, said, "The uranium can be under the custody of the agency in Iran, and it could be sealed for as long as, until the time we receive the 20-percent-enriched nuclear fuel from outside. So the deal is still on the table. We accept these principles and, if they come forward and supply the fuel, then we will stop this process of the 20-percent enrichment."

Salehi says the enrichment process is moving forward smoothly. But he adds that Iran is still ready to send its low enriched uranium abroad when it receives 20 percent enriched nuclear fuel in return.

Under the UN plan, Iran would send its stockpiled, low enriched uranium abroad, for processing into fuel rods that would power the reactor.

Salehi says the enrichment process is moving forward smoothly. (
Salehi says the enrichment process is moving forward smoothly.


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