8.8 magnitude earthquake hits Chile

2010-02-28 08:22 BJT

Special Report: 8.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Chile |


The death toll from the massive earthquake which struck Chile early Saturday is 214 and still rising. The 8 point 8 magnitude quake was the worst to hit the country in decades.

The epicenter of the earthquake was located about 100 kilometers north of Chile's second largest city-Concepcion.

Many roads were destroyed. Electricity, water and telecommunications were cut off in many areas.

Chile's President called on people to remain calm, and promised all departments are working hard to cope with the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.

A man looks at the damages of the Accademy of Fine Arts' building in Santiago after a huge 8.8-magnitude earthquake rocked Chile. (AFP/Claudio Santana)
A man looks at the damages of the Accademy of Fine Arts' building
in Santiago after a huge 8.8-magnitude earthquake rocked Chile.
(AFP/Claudio Santana)