Voices and Votes: Low-carbon economy

2010-03-03 20:21 BJT

Special Report: 2010 NPC & CPPCC Sessions |

A low-carbon economy is quietly changing our minds and the way of life here in China. Whatever the political fallout in Copenhagen, Beijing stands ready and united in pursuing sustainable growth. The extensive use of fossil fuels may not be politically correct for industrialized nations.

But emerging markets and low-income countries do not have that luxury. Emerging markets are facing the dual pressure of rapid expansion and climate change, a challenge that the West has never experienced. It is their luck and our adversity. Developing nations have to swallow the bitter pill of energy conservation in an increasingly silent spring. Whatever the number, G2 or G20, we are all in the same boat.--- Stay with us. We shall be right back after this short break.

Proposals on low-carbon economy

Developing a low-carbon economy is a major focus of many CPPCC members. Some have made their proposals offering different ideas leading to a low-carbon development path.

CPPCC Member Dong Hengyu comes from the northern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The region is currently China's biggest production base of coal, hence a major emitter of carbon dioxide. Dong made a proposal to optimize the abundant natural carbon sink resources, such as grasslands, lakes and wetlands in the western region. He says this is crucial for saving energy and reaching environmentally friendly targets.  Full story >>

Low carbon vox pops

A low carbon footprint seems to be the new buzz word for policy makers. So, how aware and how enthusiastic are the Chinese people to the concept?

The Chinese government has promised the world it will do its part in reducing carbon emissions. That responsibility also falls on each and every Chinese person. Their awareness and participation is crucial. So I asked people on the street what they know about a low carbon lifestyle.  Full story >>

Editor: Liu Anqi | Source: CCTV.com