US marines hold live-fire exercise

2010-03-15 19:02 BJT


US troops are conducting a live-firing exercise as part of a continuing US-South Korean joint military exercise. In response, the DPRK has placed its army on full combat alert.

About 300 US marines took part in the live-firing exercise, which included three howitzers at Rodriguez Range just north of Seoul. About 18-thousand American soldiers are taking part in the 11 day war games. The drills include live firing by US Marines, aerial attack drills, and urban warfare training. The DPRK has criticized the exercises, saying it will boost its nuclear weapons capability. But the US has argued that the drills are purely defensive.

Jarrod Graham, Commanding Officer of 1st Division 5th Marine Battery, said, "The objective for this training is to show our support for the Republic of Korea through training here at a Rodriguez Range, as well as to get a good training out of being able to go to different area besides Camp Pendlton in support of our infantry."

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