Netanyahu starts US tour

2010-03-23 09:06 BJT

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has reiterated Washington's opposition to Israel's expansion of settlements as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in the US for talks.

Benjamin Netanyahu's arrival in Washington comes at a difficult time for the two countries.

Their relationship grew strained after Netanyahu's government announced a new expansion of Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem. Netanyahu has apologized for the timing of the announcement, but said there's a national consensus on building in an East Jerusalem neighborhood.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu leaves a hotel in Washington Monday evening, March 22, 2010, on route to dinner with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden in Washington. On the eve of critical talks between President Barack Obama and Netanyahu Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton accused Israel of undermining U.S. credibility as a Middle East peacemaker Monday. (AP Photo/Luis Alvarez)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu leaves 
a hotel in Washington Monday evening, March 22, 
2010, on route to dinner with U.S. Vice President 
Joe Biden in Washington. On the eve of critical 
talks between President Barack Obama and Netanyahu 
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton accused 
Israel of undermining U.S. credibility as a Middle 
East peacemaker Monday. (AP Photo/Luis Alvarez)