State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office: Negotiations needed to solve disputes

2010-03-31 17:54 BJT

Some critics in Taiwan have voiced opposition to the trade pact. An official from the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office say negotiations are needed to solve the disputes.

Some critics in Taiwan have voiced opposition to the trade pact. An official from the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office say negotiations are needed to solve the disputes.
Some critics in Taiwan have voiced opposition to the trade pact. An official 
from the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office say negotiations are needed to 
solve the disputes.

Yang Yi, Spokesman, Taiwan Affairs Office, State Council, said, "We can understand that there are different opinions on the island about the signing of the ECFA. We should remove the disputes by negotiations, not by radical actions. The signing of the ECFA is helpful for cross-strait economic development, and Taiwan compatriots will also benefit from the trade pact. I'm confident that the agreement will gain support from Taiwan compatriots. "

Yang Yi also noted the exact date to sign the trade pact will depend on the progress of the talks. But he did announce the date for the Second Straits Forum. It will be held on June 19th in Fujian Province, just across the water from Taiwan. It's the largest non-official cross-Strait forum, designed to promote exchanges. The joint hosts will be non-governmental organizations of both sides. Yang says he warmly welcomes the participation of people from Taiwan.

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