Three car bombs explode in Baghdad

2010-04-05 08:02 BJT


Local authorities say 3 car bombs have shaken central Baghdad close to the Iranian, Egyptian, and German embassies, killing at least 42 people and wounding 200 others.

Two of Sunday's large blasts came from car bombs that blew up in the Mansour District of west-central Baghdad, near the German and Egyptian embassies.

The third explosion, also generated by a vehicular device, occurred near the Iranian Embassy, not far from the Green Zone.

Mouayad, Iraqi Citizen, said, "It targeted the Iranian Embassy. It drove directly towards the Iranian Embassy and exploded, burning nearby cars, and hurting people. Ambulances were evacuating the wounded."

Iraqi security forces inspect the damage outside the Iranian embassy in central Baghdad, following a massive explosion. (AFP/Ahmad al-Rubaye)
Iraqi security forces inspect the damage outside the Iranian
embassy in central Baghdad, following a massive explosion.
(AFP/Ahmad al-Rubaye)