Space shuttle Discovery blasts off with 7 astronauts

2010-04-06 10:19 BJT


Space shuttle Discovery has blasted off with seven astronauts on board. It's one of NASA's final servicing missions to the International Space Station.

The shuttle lifted off at 6:21 A.M., local time, on Monday, shattering the pre-dawn calm around the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The shuttle is carrying an Italian-built cargo hauler filled with equipment, experimental equipment, food, and supplies for the space station.

 The ISS is expected to be finished in September, after 12 years of construction about 355 kilometers above Earth.

Space shuttle Discovery has blasted off with seven astronauts on board. It's one of NASA's final servicing missions to the International Space Station.
Space shuttle Discovery has blasted off with seven astronauts on board. It's one
of NASA's final servicing missions to the International Space Station.