Studio interview on current political situation in Poland

2010-04-12 20:07 BJT

For more insight into the current political situation in Poland, we are now joined in the studio by Professor Rong Ying, the deputy director of the China Institute of International Studies.

Question 1:

We all know the president's ill fated flight was carrying many of the country's top political figures, including the army chief of staff, the deputy foreign minister and the central bank governor. This is a huge blow to the government. Professor Rong, how do you think the accident will influence Poland's political landscape?

Question 2:

The presidential election will also take place this year. Lech Kaczynski, a strong candidate in his party, was seeking a consecutive term. In your view, how will the absence of Kaczynski affect the prospect of his National Conservative Law and Justice Party and the election as a whole?

Question 3:

We have just talked about how the crash will affect country's political scene. Turning to another important issue, to what extent will the accident affect Poland's economy ?

Question 4:

Professor Rong, how would you describe President Lech Kaczynski political legacy?

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