Flight wreckage moved from site

2010-04-15 10:39 BJT

Special Report: Polish President Dies In Plane Crash |

Debris from the wreckage of the plane that crashed in Russia killing the Polish president, his wife and many of the country's ruling elite has begun to be moved from the crash site for further investigation.

Emergency ministry workers load the wreckage of the Polish presidential plane on transporter just outside the Smolensk airport, western Russia, Wednesday, April 14, 2010 as police secure the scene. Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife and some of the country's most prominent military and civilian leaders died Saturday along with dozens of others when the presidential plane crashed as it came in for a landing in thick fog near Smolensk in western Russia.(AP Photo/Mikhail Metzel)

Emergency ministry workers load the 
wreckage of the Polish presidential plane
 on transporter just outside the Smolensk
 airport, western Russia, Wednesday, April
 14, 2010 as police secure the scene. 
Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife 
and some of the country's most prominent 
military and civilian leaders died Saturday
 along with dozens of others when the 
presidential plane crashed as it came in for 
a landing in thick fog near Smolensk in 
western Russia.(AP Photo/Mikhail Metzel)

Aviation experts say the probe of the crash is moving relatively quickly although some Poles have complained about a lack of public information. This includes the transcript of the conversation in the cockpit immediately before the accident. Investigators hope to release information on the flight recordings on Thursday.

Editor: Su Yu | Source: CCTV.com