Vice Premier Hui calls for all-out efforts to save lives

2010-04-15 18:17 BJT

Special Report: 7.1-magnitude Quake Hit Qinghai, China |

Vice Premier Hui Liangyu has inspected quake relief work in the quake-hit region. He urged rescuers to make all-out efforts to save lives and move the injured to safer areas.

Yushu's Gyegu Town is one of the most hit places near the quake's epicenter. Vice Premier Hui Liangyui called for more emergency crews and relief supplies to be sent to the region.

Vice Premier Hui Liangyu has inspected quake relief work in the quake-hit region. He urged rescuers to make all-out efforts to save lives and move the injured to safer areas.
Vice Premier Hui Liangyu has inspected quake relief work in the quake-hit region. 
He urged rescuers to make all-out efforts to save lives and move the injured
 to safer areas.

He urged everyone to work together in the search for victims.

The vice premier spoke to injured people and encouraged medical workers in Yushu to do their most to save as many people as possible.

Hui Liangyu also called for further efforts to help those left homeless by the quake and ensure adequate supplies for all.

As Thursday and Friday are crucial for finding survivors, the vice premier pressed rescuers to make the most of the time to help find those still trapped under the rubble.

The vice premier also called on local religious leaders to play an important role in quake relief.

Assuring the public that help and supplies were en route to Yushu, Hui Liangyu urged armed police and special police forces to take active part in quake relief, while maintaining social stability in the quake zones.