Premier Wen: People's lives come first

2010-04-16 08:24 BJT

Special Report: 7.1-magnitude Quake Hit Qinghai, China |

Premier Wen Jiabao has also decided to postpone an official visit to Southeast Asia, planned for next week. He is now in the worst hit region of Yushu County, to check on rescue work and meet survivors.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (R) visits a Tibetan woman in Yushu, northwest China's Qinghai Province, April 15, 2010. Wen arrived here on Thursday to inspect the disaster relief work and visit quake-affected local people.(Xinhua/Fan Rujun) 
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (R) visits a Tibetan woman in Yushu, northwest China's 
Qinghai Province, April 15, 2010. Wen arrived here on Thursday to inspect the disaster
relief work and visit quake-affected local people.(Xinhua/Fan Rujun)

Yushu Prefecture's capital Gyegu Town is one of the worst affected places near the quake's epicenter. Premier Wen asked local residents about their losses, urging for concerted efforts to rescue people.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said, "I want to reiterate that people's lives come first. As long as there is the slightest hope, we will give 100 percent. Never give up, especially during this first 72 hours after the earthquake."

Premier Wen then clambered up on a mound of rubble. He told a large group of residents that the central government attaches great importance to the disaster and the people's suffering. He said it would do its utmost to ensure their daily lives can return to normal.

Premier Wen called for local residents to always try to help others in need, as well as helping themselves.

He visited a temporary medical center, where he spoke to injured people, encouraging medical workers to save as many lives as possible.

Wen Jiabao also called for further relief efforts to support those left homeless by the quake and ensure adequate supplies for all.