Travellers stranded due to volcano ash

2010-04-17 09:58 BJT


If now you have a plan to go to Europe, you'd better prepare a plan B. Thousands of travellers worldwide hoping to fly into Europe have been stranded on Friday as ash from a volcano in Iceland caused havoc with flight travel across Europe.

Travel chaos engulfed major European cities, and the UN warned of possible health risks from falling ash.

Thousands of travellers worldwide hoping to fly into Europe have been stranded on Friday as ash from a volcano in Iceland caused havoc with flight travel across Europe.
Thousands of travellers worldwide hoping to fly into Europe have been stranded
on Friday as ash from a volcano in Iceland caused havoc with flight travel across

Thousands of planes stayed on the tarmac to avoid the hazardous cloud.

In Italy, passengers were left stranded in Rome's international airport. However, some of them remained positive despite the setback.

Michael Parson, Irish tourist, said, "We were all happy to be in 'Bella Italia'. So, if you have to be stuck, Italy is the best place in the world. We love it."

According to the European air traffic authority Eurocontrol, the cloud was drifting east and about 60 percent of European flights were not operating. Delays will continue into Saturday.

In Asia, Thai Airways announced that it cancelled ten flights between Bangkok and Europe on Friday. Some tourists were very unhappy about that.

Helene Uschakow, German tourist, said, "We have lost our jobs when we don't come to the work."

Some travellers stuck in Thailand said they may have to wait until 20 April for the earliest flight to Europe.

In Singapore, airport authorities said they had faced a shortage of hotel rooms to accommodate stranded passengers.