More lives saved by rescue efforts

2010-04-18 09:25 BJT

Special Report: 7.1-magnitude Quake Hit Qinghai, China |


Despite the passage of the critical "72 optimal hours" window, rescuers in Yushu County are continuing to save more lives.

One more victim was pulled from the wreckage of the Zhaxi Hotel in the town of Gyegu, thanks to the joint efforts of three teams. Meanwhile, firefighters from Gansu Province saved 4 severely injured herdsmen at an altitude of 47-hundred meters.

Earlier in the day, 9 survivors were pulled from a pile of heavy debris by the same squad. Four of the survivors suffered minor injuries, while the others emerged relatively unscathed.

Despite the passage of the critical "72 optimal hours" window, rescuers in Yushu County are continuing to save more lives. 
Despite the passage of the critical "72 optimal hours" window, rescuers in Yushu
County are continuing to save more lives.